The time required for Mecca-Madina travel is 2.5 hours. JDU-Makkah sector 21 minutes. Alharmine high speed train and 300 km per hour.The Saudi king of Salman submitting to Al-Haramain Railway project, linked to the Mecca-Medina-Jeddah provinces, The first service of the train will start from October 1. Travel time for pilgrims will be reduced by half.

The program was conveyed to King Salman by Saudi ruler Salman. Ameeris, Foreign Ministers and Foreign Ministers attended the inauguration ceremony. A documentary drafted on the project was also presented at the event. Later, he was inaugurated by the King of Salman from Jeddah to Madinah.

About 35 trains are on board. 417 seats in 13 cabins. In the first year Spanish company was in charge of the train operation. Ticket rates have already been announced. Online ticket booking system will start soon.

This will be the solution for the journey of lakhs of pilgrims and pilgrims to Haj pilgrims. The Haramine Railway project was completed in 3 stages. 138 bridges and 850 canals were constructed along the way. Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and Rabig will be completed in four stations. The fifth station is in progress near Jeddah airport.

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