The New Abshir Portal is Very Useful.

Even if one wants to know the duration of Iqama, Abshir insists; The new Abshir Portal is very useful.

The Abshir services, which were previously available on the Ministry of Interior's website, have now been completely moved to the new website.

At the same time, it is important to remember that services are only available by logging in with an Abshir account. So don't hesitate to open an account and avail the services if you haven't started Abshir yet.

It must be remembered that there are currently several systems available through Absher. If you bring your family to visit, Abshir will be able to help you with visa renewal, passports, dependents 'passports, issue of dependents' re-entry visas and Naqal maloomat.

It also helps individuals check their travel back home and check their passport information.Only a few things like re-entry, exit and Nakhl Ma'alumath are left to be allowed to the individual through Abshir. Abshir currently helps to complete the rest of the service, either through mobile or computer, without having to go to Jawasat.

Abshir can also be used to track vehicle traffic and traffic fine in the name of a person. It is noteworthy that the latest scheme also provides an opportunity for the traffic department to be notified of any fines levied against us by Abshir.

Please note that anyone who clicks on the old site should have the chance to check the Iqama date and now login to the site using the Abshir account at

It is also mandatory for him to know how much money is left in one's iqama number. Knowing the amount remaining in Iqama number will help you to invest only the required amount when you pay later.

Abshir can also renew a driver's license, renew its license and revoke the vehicle's ownership. Abshir can also track how much data is left on a person's health insurance.

It is certain, however, that no one in Saudi Arabia can go forward without Abshir. Those who do not have Abshir need to open an account as soon as possible and encourage those who do not have to open a new account.

Anyone can become an Abshir customer by completing the procedure of opening an account through a mobile or computer and then running a Fingerprint in a Javascript kiosk machine installed in malls or other locations. Abashir's apps are available on PlayStore and the App Store.