Those arriving in Saudi Arabia on visitor visas can drive with a foreign license

Those arriving in Saudi Arabia on visitor visas can drive with a foreign license

 The Saudi Traffic Directorate has reiterated that those entering the country on visitor visas can drive with international driving licenses and foreign licenses approved in Saudi Arabia. Visit visa holders are allowed to drive on the country's roads using foreign and international licenses in this manner for a maximum of one year after entering Saudi Arabia or until their license expires.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age to obtain a private driving license in Saudi Arabia. However, a temporary driving license of one year is allowed in the country for those over 17 years of age.

Two groups of people need a third dose of the vaccine, according to a Saudi health expert

third dose of the vaccine

 Dr. Ali Ashari, consultant for the Saudi Epidemiology Unit, said that people in both groups need to take a third dose of the corona vaccine.

Those two groups of people are those who have low immunity and take impressiveness drugs.
Dr. Ali Ash'houri says safety is important here, not the number of doses.
There is a set period of time for immunization and natural immunity after infection. At the same time, mutated viruses may reduce the duration of immunity.

Dr. Ali Ashahri points out that variants of the virus may lead to a shorter duration of immunity than expected by the drug companies and the scientific conclusions announced.

The easiest way to become immune in Tawakkalna

The easiest way to become immune in Tawakkal


When to register with Mukhim? What are the links required to register each category? The easiest way to become immune in Tawakkal? Please note this before flying to Saudi

Since Muqeem registration is mandatory for iqama holders, new visa holders and visiting visa holders entering Saudi Arabia, many expatriates are asking the question of how many hours in advance travelers must register with Muqeem before entering Saudi Arabia.

If the iqama holder is immunized in Tawakkal, the registration should be completed at to perform Muqeem registration.


At the same time, if you have a non-immune iqama in Tawakkal, you can also register at Remember that non-immune people have to stay in Saudi Arabia for 7 days in a compulsory hotel quarantine.

If you are going on a new visa or visiting visa after taking two doses of the Saudi approved vaccine, you need to register at

At the same time, new and visiting visa holders who do not receive the Saudi approved vaccine will need to register at

One of the main questions asked by expatriates is when to complete the registration at Mukhim.

It is generally recommended that you register with Muqeem 72 hours prior to arrival in Saudi Arabia. The same suggestion can be found on the Mukhim site.


At the same time the fact is that there are no problems with registering on the day of going to Saudi and up to 5 days before going to Saudi. We can clearly understand this when we try to register in Muqeem. For example, a person going on the 21st can register on the 16th. In addition, a person who is going to go on the 16th can complete the registration even if he registers on the 16th.

However, it is advisable to complete the registration process three days before entering Saudi Arabia (72 hours) and keep the printout in hand, as officially suggested. This is because if you encounter any network problems or other difficulties later, it will be difficult for those who are trying to register late.


Please note that registration in Muqeem is not a 14-day quarantine period from India to other countries, but three days prior to entry into Saudi Arabia from those countries.

Messages in the inbox of an Arabian Malayalee make it clear that there are still many expatriate friends who do not know how to immunize Tawakkal.

Those who have received the Saudi approved vaccine from home should apply for immunization in Tawakkal through the link of the Saudi Ministry of Health.

To be immunized, one has to upload a copy of the vaccine certificate and passport with two dosages taken from the country at the given link. The Central Government Vaccine Certificate, which currently has two dosages, is sufficient for submission. Note that all files must be a PDF file less than one MB in size.


There are three options for uploading. All you have to do is submit a copy of your passport in the first case and a vaccine certificate in the second. The third option is to do nothing or upload a copy of the iqamah there. If the Saudi mobile number is not working in the country, the OTP will be available at the time of registration, even using the email ID. When scanning and merging the first and last pages of a passport, it is best to avoid pages that do not have an address.