Four Days Holiday In Saudi For National Celebration.

The four-day holiday in the country will be celebrated on September 23, the national day of Saudi Arabia. On the 22nd and 23rd the holiday was announced. It's Sunday and Monday. Friday and Saturday are holidays for most government offices and most private offices in the country. With this, four consecutive days will be vacated. Offices that close on September 19 will be opened on September 24.

Registration Eligibility Certificate Mandatory for Technicians in Saudi Arabia

The Certificate of Attested Qualification is mandatory for registration under the Saudi Engineering Council. Registration without a certificate is only allowed for three months of temporary registration.

Registration of technician visas has been made compulsory in the country three months ago. The registration is compulsory under the Saudi Council of Engineers, which certifies and certifies the certificates of the country's professionals. The stipulation is that the approval of the Council for updating the residence record of those who are in the 50th technical profession should be approved. However, those who have completed the registration without obtaining sufficient qualification certificate have been granted only a three-month temporary license. The new requirement is to submit enough documents during this period to confirm the rescission or move to other professions. Initially, permission was granted to complete the registration using the Work Experience Certificate issued by the current employer. Registration is no longer valid only with a work experience certificate. The new rule will affect many foreigners who have been working in the area for years.