Mandatory full vaccination for Saudi nationals traveling internationally; Gaka issued a circular


Recommendation that citizens going abroad from Saudi Arabia must be fully vaccinated. Saudi Civil Aviation has instructed airlines operating in the country in this regard. Saudi nationals on flights to foreign countries were instructed to check the completeness of the vaccination course and to be issued a boarding pass only for those who had received two doses of the vaccine.

All doses of coronavirus vaccines approved in the country are approved. However, travelers under the age of 12 will still be allowed to have Kovid insurance. The circular also said that those who have contracted the virus and have received a single dose of approved vaccines in the country can be allowed to travel.

Tourist visa holders can enter Saudi Arabia from August 1

saudi tourist visa

 The Ministry of Tourism has announced that entry into tourism visas in Saudi Arabia will take effect from August 1. The ministry has announced that it will lift the existing ban and allow entry to tourism visa holders as per the norms prescribed by the ministry. With this, the tourism sector in the country will be revived. The ministry said admission would be granted only to those who have fully received the Kovid vaccine.

Foreign tourists who have fully received the vaccine will be able to enter without the mandatory quarantine. In addition to the vaccination, the original certificate of vaccination and the negative PCR certificate within 72 hours must be produced at the time of admission. Tourism visa holders must complete registration at Muqeem under the Passport Section. The data containing this information will be updated at their discretion. They will then be able to enter each of the tourism centers and public places, depending on their status. The ministry said the full dose should be one of the vaccines approved by Saudi Arabia: Pfizer Biotech, Astrazonica Kovshield, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson.

Eid al-Adha in Saudi Arabia is on Tuesday, July 20

eid 2021


Eid al-Adha in Saudi Arabia is on Tuesday, July 20
The Saudi Supreme Court said on Friday evening that the new moon could not be seen anywhere in the country.

Due to the inability to see the new moon, the Dul-Hijjah will start on Sunday after completing Dul-Qadda 30 on Saturday
According to the Supreme Court, July 19 will be the day of 'Arafah and July 20 will be the day of the Feast of Sacrifice.

This year's Hajj will start on July 18 and end on July 22.

About 60,000 domestic pilgrims have been allowed to perform this year's Hajj.

More than 30 professions, including marketing, are on the Saudiization list


 The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources has announced that more than 30 professions will be Saudiized in the country this year .

The ministry estimates that by 2021, more than 32,000 jobs will be created for Saudis through 32 ministerial announcements.
The Saudiization list includes new devices in the medical device sector, health sector, marketing professionals, call center and eight category sales outlets.

It also includes radiology professionals, physiotherapists, laboratory professionals, administrative support professionals, insurance and remittance professionals, licensed aviation professionals, recruitment sector, entertainment sector, media and consulting sector.

In addition to the above-mentioned professions, the six professions will be included in the Saudiization plan, which announced more than 40,000 jobs for young Saudi women, announced by Saudi Minister of Human Resources Engineer Ahmad Al Rajhi on Sunday.

The six sectors to be subjected to Saudiisation are technical and engineering professions, driving school, real estate, cinema, customs and clearance, and legal advice and law firms.

second dose of the vaccine is available in Saudi Arabia for over 40 years of age

The second dose of the vaccine is available in Saudi Arabia for over 40 years of age


The Ministry of Health has announced that a second dose of corona vaccine is available for people over 40 years of age. The ministry has asked people to book appointments through the Sihati app to get the vaccine. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that there were daily fluctuations in corona cases in Saudi Arabia. Muhammad al-Abdul Ali said. But there is a consistency in the number of people who can be treated in critical condition. This is a happy thing.
The world is moving in the direction of getting out of the corona epidemic. More than 300 million doses of the vaccine have already been distributed worldwide. Immunity develops two weeks after receiving the first dose of the vaccine. The second dose of the vaccine is given as a booster. Immunity peaks two weeks after receiving the second dose. After ten days the immune system may be at its best.