STC: SAWA Saudi Arabia: usefull Codes for a Mobile Experience


As one of the leading mobile network operators in Saudi Arabia, SAWA has been providing reliable and innovative telecommunications services to millions of users. To make the most out of your SAWA mobile experience, it's essential to be aware of the useful USSD codes that allow you to access various features and manage your account with ease. In this blog post, we explore a selection of essential SAWA USSD codes that can enhance your mobile experience and help you stay connected in the Kingdom.

  1. Balance Inquiry:

    Keeping track of your mobile balance is crucial, and SAWA provides a convenient USSD code to check your balance on the go. Simply dial *166# or *166# to quickly view your remaining credit balance.

  2. Recharge Your Account:

    To top up your SAWA account with credit, you can utilize the USSD code 155RechargeVoucherCode#. By entering the unique voucher code after the asterisk, you can swiftly recharge your account and ensure uninterrupted communication.

  3. Data Balance Check:

    In the digital age, data connectivity is vital, and SAWA offers a USSD code to help you monitor your data balance. Dial *888# to conveniently check your remaining data allocation and stay in control of your internet usage.

  4. Explore Internet Packages:

    If you're looking for the best internet packages that suit your needs, SAWA provides a USSD code to access the available options. Dial 8883# to conveniently explore the range of internet packages offered by SAWA and select the one that aligns with your requirements.

  5. Activate Internet Packages:

    Once you've chosen the internet package that suits you, activating it is a breeze. Simply dial 888PackageCode# to activate your preferred package and start enjoying fast and reliable internet access on your mobile device.

  6. Credit Transfer:

    SAWA facilitates credit transfer between users with its convenient USSD code. Dial 133# to check your credit transfer eligibility and follow the instructions to transfer credit to another SAWA number using the code 133RecipientNumberAmount#.

  7. SIM Card and Mobile Number Inquiry:

    If you need to retrieve information about your SIM card or mobile number, SAWA provides two separate USSD codes. Dial *222# to quickly check your SIM card number and *150# to obtain your mobile number.

  8. Call Packages:

    To explore and select the call packages that cater to your communication needs, SAWA offers a USSD code. Dial 8881# to conveniently access the available call packages and select the one that best fits your requirements.


With the aid of these essential USSD codes, SAWA customers in Saudi Arabia can effortlessly manage their mobile accounts and enjoy a seamless communication experience. From checking balances and recharging accounts to exploring and activating internet packages, SAWA's USSD codes provide convenient access to various features and services. Stay connected, stay informed, and make the most of your SAWA mobile experience with these helpful codes at your fingertips.