Saudi taxi fares revised The rates were revised by the Public Transport Authority.From now onwards, the rate will be 80 Halala For Per Kilometer.

According to the revised rates, four-passenger taxis will cost five and a half Riyal. From the start of the vehicle journey, you will be charged 1 Riyal and 80 Halal per km. 

Taxi services, which are part of the country's public transport system, already have unified fares. That is where the Public Transportation Authority has been revamped. Accordingly, 4 passenger taxis will be charged the minimum 10 Riyal.

The vehicle meter will start functioning from 5.5 riyals. The charge on the meter will be 1 Riyal And 8 halalla each for 1 km. Waiting charges will be charged at 80 halalla per minute. Under special circumstances, the speed of driving should be charged at the rate of 80 halalla per minute even if the speed is 20 or less per hour. the taxi service starts at a minimum charge of 10 riyals.


Saudi Arabia permits men and women who are traveling abroad to stay in hotel rooms even if they are not related.Previously, if men and women were to stay together in hotel rooms, they would have to produce proof of relationship. Indigenous women are also allowed to stay in hotel rooms alone.

Saudi law was amended last year to allow women to drive and solo travels abroad.

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, in a press conference, confirmed on Friday that Indigenous women can book hotels in the country by presenting the identity document to both men and women.

Saudi Airports Ready To Welcome Tourists Arriving On Tourist Visas.

Saudi airports are ready to welcome tourists arriving on tourist visas. Special booths have been set up under various authorities to help tourists.The action comes in the backdrop of liberalizing the tourist visa system in Saudi. There are four airports in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Medina. There are special booths under the General Authority of Civil Aviation and the Saudi Commission for National Heritage to assist tourists. Tourists have started visiting the country in the last few days.

There are a number of arrangements, including electronic services, sign boards in various languages, special lines for tourist visas, first class, business class and GCC citizens, and internet service at arrival terminals. It is also organizing a promotion campaign in 14 countries to attract tourists. The online visa system is currently available to 49 countries but will be available to all countries including India by December.

Regulation in changing accountant professions in Saudi Arabia.

Foreigners working in 19 accountant professions in Saudi Arabia have been suspended by the Ministry of Labor. Those who are in these professions are required to register with the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accounts. The ministry also said that those who have not completed the registration process cannot renew their Iqama.

The registration process was initiated as part of the intensification of digitization and modernization of the employment sector. The Ministry of Labor has made it mandatory on August 31, 2012, that the Registered Certificates of Registration should be registered with the Public Accounts Organization. The announcement was made already, but no one seriously considered the idea of ​​changing the profession when Iqama was renewed. Some have switched to safer professions. But for those in these professions, the change of profession has come to a complete halt. Therefore, Iqama can be renewed only by registering with the Public Accounts Organization (SOCPA). Otherwise, he would have to take other measures without renewing his iqama.

19 professions in which new changes are applicable

1-Director of Internal Audit Department, 
2-Accounts and Budget Manager, 
3-Cost Accountant, 
4-General Accountant, 
5-Internal Auditor, 
6-First Financial Auditor, 
7-Accounts and Auditor General, 
8-the Director of Financial Reporting Department, 
9-Head of Internal Audit Programs, 
10-Cost Accounting Technician, 
11-Finance Auditor,
12-supervised by the Financial Audit , 
13-Director of the General Department of Audit, 
14-Financial and Accounting Manager, 
15-Account Auditing technician, 
16-general accountant technician, 
17-Cost Clark, 
18-the Financial Clark, 
19-director of the charity and the tax department.