Children of Saudi women married to foreigners need permanent residence in Saudi Arabia.

Some women members of the Shura Council have demanded that the Saudi women be granted permanent residency in Saudi Arabia for the children of Saudi women who are married to foreigners.

Shura Council members have asked the Interior Ministry to amend the Saudi Citizenship Act to grant permanent residency for Saudi women who are married to foreigners without any fee and lengthy procedures, an Arab newspaper published in Saudi has reported.

The Shura Council members, Latifa al-Shalan, Faisal al-Fadel, Lina Almeina, Noura al-Muzid and Huda al-Holaisi, made the suggestion. The Shura Council members made the suggestion at a time when the Ministry of Justice had revealed that the trend of foreign men marrying Saudi women was increasing.

As the percentage of Saudi women married to non-Saudis is growing, they need to be able to cope with social and cultural changes to ensure stability and security for their children.These children are no longer subject to a sponsorship system. Current law requires another sponsor if their mother dies.They face a variety of problems in the absence of citizenship.

Airlines Companies Offer For Saudi National Day Celebrations.

Saudi Airline companies  offers as part of Saudi national day celebration Flyna's domestic flights charge Starting 49 and 209 for international services. Saudi airlines are also offering a 20 per cent discount on all bookings. Saudi National Day is celebrated on September 23rd.

Tickets booked from September 19-27 as part of National Day celebrations will be eligible for FlyNas. This benefit is available for travelers from October 13 to December 18.

Thursday and Saturday are excluded. Only those traveling directly to the Economy Class will be eligible for Flynn's Benefits. One-way tickets to various airports in Saudi Arabia range from 49 riyals to 299 riyals. International flights, including India, cost only 209 SR to 609 SR.

Pilgrims from five countries are interested Stay in Mecca.

Pilgrims from all over the world who have come for Hajj this year have been interested in visiting various places in and around Mecca after completing their Hajj.The Hajis are interested to visit nearby cities like Taif, Jeddah and many more.Most of the pilgrims from the five kingdoms, however, reportedly preferred to stay in the holy city for weeks before returning home after completing their Hajj rituals.

Most of the pilgrims from Indra, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran were spending their days worshiping in the haram without having to visit various places or do much shopping.Authorities have allowed the attendees to see the unique locations in various areas around the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Now Only two types of visit visas to Saudi Arabia

The validity of visa visa for family and business to Saudi has been in effect for a month and a year. Earlier, three, six and two year visitor visas were withdrawn from the site. The stamping charge is three hundred riyals for both visas.

From now on, business visas, dependent visas, Hajj-Umra and any number of period visas will be charged at the rate of three hundred. In the Visit Visa for one year or even a month, three hundred Rupees is enough. The Consulate has asked the applicants who are currently applying for stamping of three months visas to apply for one month. Accordingly, the stamping process of the visas of the applicants is progressing.


The rate for all types of visitor visas to Saudi has been increased to 300 riyals. With this will be made for business visits and relative visits. Visitor visas for one month and one year are now required to pay 300 SR. The consolidated fee of  300 Saudi Riyal will be applicable for all Haj, Umrah, Tourist, Business, Visit, Transit and Multiple Entry Visas.

A single entry visa of three months duration is required to come out of the country after one month. Exit after three months on a multiple entry visa for one year. The duration of the transit visa is 96 hours. The reduction was aimed at boosting tourism. Repeated Umrah charges of two thousand riyals were also dropped last week.