Three new services were added to the abshir Portal, which launched its online service in Saudi Arabia. The main service is to hire a second to different services from Jawazat. Foreigners can also add new passport information through online. The new services will be useful for Abshir Registration Completed Abroad and Foreigners.

This  is  an important  authentication service. This will enable you to 
take responsibility for 21 services  from  Jawazat.  Foreigners can be 
replaced in this  manner. The new  passport,  new renewal, passport 
handling, hurub recordings,extension of the visit visa will be covered 
under this service. The requirement for the  recipient  of  the  Abshir 
registration is for the person being entrusted.

Another  service  is  to  add  foreign  passports.  This  is  known  as
NakhalMaalumat.    Institutions   with   less   than  100   employees   
and   new passports  of  dependents  of  individuals canbe  included 
in this visa information.
The service, previously from  the Jawazat office, is now going through 
Abshir . A third online  service is  available for print  with  information 
about foreigners.  This print system  will  allow passports and vehicles 
of their dependents  and submit it to the relevant authorities