Check Iqama Hrub Status With Iqama Number Saudi Arabia.

 Inquiry About Hurub With The Iqama Number.

check iqama hurub

Inquiry About An Escape Report Using The Residence Number, An Electronic Service MOL. You Can Also Inquire About The Passport Number Or Border Number Through The Human Resources And Social Development Website Online According To The Steps That We Will Mention In This Article.

  • Access the Ministry of Labor website “from here”.
  • Choose the Inquiry Services from the services shown on the home page.

check hurub saudi arabia

  • Choose the "Inquire About An Expatriate Employee" Option.
  • Click the "Start Service" Option.

saudi iqama hurub check online saudi

  • In The Next Page, You Can See Three Boxes.
  • Type, the Iqama Number Number into the Centre Box And Click on the Search Button.

iqama hurub check online saudi araqbia

  • Enter the verification code number.
  • Click on the “Search” icon.

  • saudi hurub check saudi arabia

    Immediately, The Electronic Inquiry System At The Ministry Of Human Resources Will Verify The Expatriate’s Data And Show  The Resident’s Information. If Your Iqama Is In Hurub Written In Arabic (متغيب عن العمل).

    If your Iqama Not In Hurub Status is Written Here (علي رأس العمل).

    The Saudi Ministry Of Human Resources And Social Development Enables You To Inquire About An Expatriate Employee In  The Following Ways, By Residence Number, Border Number, Or Passport Number, In Easy Steps.

    Check Medical Insurance Using Iqama Number And Border Number 2024.

    Inquiry About Medical Insurance Using Residence Number And Border Number.

    Medical Insurance Using Residence Number And Border Number

    Inquiry About Medical Insurance With The Residency Number Is Done Through The Health Insurance Council Website CCHI, Which Provides Many Electronic Services That Allow Citizens And Residents Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia To Inquire About The Details Of Their Medical Insurance. They Can Also, Through The Official Website Of The Health Insurance Council, Obtain The Information They Need. Such As The Validity Of The Insurance And The Ability To Renew Iqama Before It Expires.

    Table Of Contents:

    • Inquiry About Medical Insurance With Residence Number
    • Inquiry About Medical Insurance For The Visitor
    • Inquiry About Health Insurance By Border Number

    Check Iqama Insurance Validity Via CCHI:-


    • Access The Health Insurance Council Website “from Here”.
    • Choose The Insurance Information Inquiry.
    • Type the Iqama Number Or Border Number into the First Box.
    • Type The Showing Image Code To The Next Box.
    • Click On The OK icon.
    • All Information About Your Medical Insurance Will Appear.
    insurance check saudi arabia

    All Information About Your Medical Insurance Will Appear.

    • Insurance Company Details.
    • Iqama Number.
    • Policy Number.
    • Insurance Class.
    • Gender Details.
    • Upload And Expiry Date.

    Inquiry About Medical Insurance For The Visitor.

    The Saudi Health Insurance Council Has Provided The Opportunity To Obtain Private Medical Insurance For Visitors In An Electronic And Simple Way Can Be Obtained By Following The Instructions Shown:
    • Enter The Official Website Of The Health Insurance Council “from Here”.
    • Click On Visitors / Tourists / Omrah And Hajj Insurance Inquiry.
    • Click On Access To The Service.
    • You Will Be Taken To The Visitor's Insurance Inquiry Service.
    • Write The Visitor's Passport Number.
    • Write The Visible Code On The Image.
    • Click On The OK icon.
    • All Details Regarding The Visitor's Security Will Appear Upon Clicking The OK button.
    saudi iqama insurance check online

    Inquiry About Health Insurance By Border Number.

    The Medical Insurance Inquiry Service Using The Border Number Is One Of The Important Services For Saudi Citizens, So That They Can Obtain Treatment From The Kingdom’s Hospitals Without Any Obstruction Or Delay In Obtaining The Appropriate Medicine. For This Reason, It Is Always Necessary To Verify The Validity Of The Insurance And Its Expiry Date In Order To Be Renewed, And By Implementing The Steps The Following It can Inquire About Health Insurance Using The Border Number As Follows:
    • Access The Cooperative Health Insurance Council Website “from Here”.
    • Choose The Insurance Information Inquiry.
    • Type the Border Number into the First Box.
    • Type The Showing Image Code To The Next Box.
    • Click On The OK icon.
    • All Information About Your Medical Insurance Will Appear.
    insurance rate check saudi arabia.

    In Conclusion, We Have Provided You With Information Related To The Medical Insurance Inquiry Service Using The Residence Number And Border Number Through The Saudi Cooperative Health Insurance Council Website, Which Provides Inquiry Services Through The Official Website.

    Check Your Ttaffic Violation Saudi Arabia Via EFAA Website 2024.

      Inquiry About Your Traffic Fines Using The Efaa Platform.

    Check Your Ttaffic Violation Saudi Arabia Via EFAA Website

    The Evaa Digital Platform Was Launched By The Government of the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia With The Aim Of Inquiring About The Violations Imposed On Citizens, Residents, And Newcomers In The Kingdom’s Companies.

    The Citizen Can Now Inquire About Violations With Ease Using The National ID number Through The Website Of The National Efaa Platform Dedicated To Paying And Inquiring About Violations, By Following The Following Steps:

    • Go To the official platform of the EFAA here”.


    • Go To The Violation Inquiry Section.
    • Type Your Iqama Number, Border Number, Or ID Number.
    • If You Know The Violation Number Type To The Violation Box.
    • Or Select Your Date Of Birth.
    • Click on the Inquire Button.

    saudi traffic fine check 2024

    • Now You Can Get An OTP  Absher Registered Mobile.
    • Type The 4 number OTP And Click on the To Confirm Button.
    saudi traffic fine check online free

    • Now The  Page Will Display All Your Recorded Traffic Violations With Its Complete Details.
    • If You Don't Have Any Traffic Violations Show You Don't Have Unpaid Violations.
    In Conclusion, The Efaa (Evaa) Digital Platform, Launched By The Government Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Provides A Convenient And Efficient Way For Citizens, Residents, And Newcomers To Inquire About Traffic Violations. Users Can Access The Platform Through The Official Efaa Website And Follow A Simple Process:

    • Visit The Official Efaa Platform.
    • Navigate To The Violation Inquiry Section.
    • Enter Your National ID number, Border Number, Or Iqama Number.
    • Optionally, Enter The Violation Number If Known Or Select Your Date Of Birth.
    • Click On The Inquire Button.
    Upon Completing The Inquiry, Users Receive An Otp (One-time Password) On Their Absher Registered Mobile. After Entering The Otp And Confirming, The Platform Displays All Recorded Traffic Violations Along With Their Details. If There Are No Unpaid Violations, The System Indicates That There Are No Outstanding Fines.

    This Process Allows Individuals To Easily Check And Manage Their Traffic Fines Online, Enhancing Transparency And Accessibility For Users In Saudi Arabia.

    Check Your Istimara Validity Saudi Arabia.

     Inquiry About The Validity Of A Car Registration.

    Inquiry About The Validity Of A Car Registration

    Inquiring About The Validity Of A Vehicle istimara (Vehicle Registration)Form Is One Of The Digital Electronic Service Absher Platforms. Launched By The Saudi Ministry Of Interior In Traffic Services To Enable Citizens And Residents To Know The Expiry Date Of The Vehicle istimara Form In Order To Expedite Its Renewal On The Required Date Through Absher.

    • Check Your Vehicle Istimara Validity:

    The Validity Of The Vehicle Registration Form Begins On The First Day Of The Renewal Date And Ends At The Time Of The Date Specified For Expiration. The Renewal Validity Is For A Fixed Period Within The Kingdom Every Three Years, And The Renewal Date Can Start From The Period Of Less Than 180 Days In The Form’s Validity Until The Expiry Date, With A Grace Period Of More Than That Amounting To 60 Days After The Expiry Date. If This Period Is Exceeded And A Car Accident Occurs, A Legal Penalty Of A Fine Of 100 Saudi Riyals Will Be Applied.

    The Saudi Government Has Enabled Citizens And Residents Who Own Cars To Inquire About The Validity Of The Vehicle Istimara Validity Form Electronically Through Absher After Fulfilling The Conditions For Renewing The Form, As Shown Below:

    check iqama istimara saudi arabia.

    • Login To The Absher Platform.
    • Select the To Individuals Option.
    • Enter Your Username And Password, Then Click Log In.
    • Enter The Sent Verification Code To Your Mobile.
    • Go To The Electronic Services In Absher And Select Vehicles.

    How to Check Istimara Validity In Saudi Arabia

    • Click On The "Services" Option.
    • Click the "Vehicle Management" Button.

    check istimara date online saudi arabia

      Now You Can See The Vehicle Istimara Validity On The Next Page.

      Check Your Travel Ban On Iqama Saudi Arabia.

       Inquiry About Travel Ban Using Iqama Number.

      Saudi Passports Has Provided A Service To Inquire About Travel Bans In Saudi Arabia Through Absher, So You Can Verify The Travel Bans With The Following Steps, Which Are As Follows:

      travelban saudi arabia

      • Log In To Absher At The Following Link: Absher. Sa
      • Choose The Absher Individuals Portal.
      • Enter The Iqama number User ID.
      • Enter The Password, And Click On The Login Icon.
      • Enter The Verification Code Sent To Your Phone.
      • Click The Login Icon.
      • Choose The Electronic Service.
      • Select The Service Suspension And Travel Restrictions.

      check travel ban saudi arabia.

      • To inquire about the travel ban, please click on the "Proceed" icon.

      • Now Can See "There is no Generalization report registered against you".It Means You Don't Have Any Travel Ban Or Legal Cases.

      saudi travel ban

      • If You Have Any Travel Ban Or Legal Case you can see The Details In the Below Given Image.
      saudi travel ban check

      In Conclusion, The Absher Individuals Portal Is A Commendable Example Of How Technology Can Simplify And Enhance Administrative Processes. By Placing The Power To Check Travel Bans In The Hands Of Citizens, Saudi Arabia Has Taken A Significant Step Towards A More Transparent And Accessible Governance System. As The World Continues To Embrace Digital Transformation, Such Initiatives Contribute To A Future Where Government Services Are Not Only Efficient But Also User-friendly And Responsive To The Needs Of The Populace.

      How To change the photo on Iqama Saudi Arabia ?


      how to change your photo on iqama

      The General Directorate Of Passports Has Set The Conditions For Changing The Residence Permit Photo For Residents.

      She Said That The Conditions Include That The Passport Must Be Valid, The Personal Photo In The Passport Must Be Recent, And The Head Must Be Uncovered.

      The Passports Department Responded To A Question Regarding The Possibility Of Changing The Residence Copy, And Whether Or Not The Employer Is Required To Be Present At The Passport Department.

      The Passport Department Added That The Procedure Is Done By Booking An Appointment And Visiting The Passport Department.

      "How To Update Your Iqama Photo: A Step-by-step Guide"

      change photo in iqama


      If Your Iqama Photo Is A Decade Old And You're Looking To Give It A Fresh Update, You've Come To The Right Place. Follow This Step-by-step Guide To Seamlessly Replace The Outdated Photo On Your Iqama With A Recent One. The Process Involves Renewing Your Passport, Scheduling An Appointment With Jawazat, And Completing The Necessary Procedures. Let's Dive Into The Details.

      change photo in iqama

      Step 1: Schedule An Appointment With Jawazat.

      To Initiate The Process Of Changing The Photo On Your Iqama, You'll Need To Schedule An Appointment With Jawazat. Visit The Official Website Or Contact The Jawazat Office To Secure A Date And Time That Suits You. Make Sure To Gather All The Required Documents Before Your Appointment To Streamline The Procedure.

      Step 2: Visit Jawazat With Your New Passport.

      On The Day Of Your Appointment, Head To The Jawazat Office With Your Newly Renewed Passport And Any Other Necessary Documents. The Jawazat Officer Will Guide You Through The Process Of Updating The Photo On Your Iqama. Be Prepared To Provide Biometric Data If Required And Answer Any Questions Related To Your Identity.

      change photo in iqama

      Step 3: Complete Procedures For Photo Change.

      Once At The Jawazat Office, You'll Undergo The Necessary Procedures To Change The Outdated Photo On Your Iqama. The Officers Will Verify Your Identity, Update Their Records, And Capture A New Photo To Be Printed On Your Iqama. Pay Any Associated Fees If Required And Make Sure To Retain The Receipt For Your Records.

      The Absher Platform Provides Residents Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia With The Service Of Changing The Personal Photo In The Saudi Residency Electronically By Following The Following Steps:

      • You Log In To The Official Website Of The Absher Electronic Platform.
      • After That, Log In To Your Account On The Platform By Entering Your Username Or ID Number And Password.
      • After That, Enter The Verification Code That Is Sent To Your Mobile Phone.
      • Click On Passport Service, Then Click On Update Passport Data.
      • After That, Select The Request Type.
      • You Enter The New Profile Picture You Wish To Update.
      • Click Save And Then Click Confirm.


      Congratulations! You've Successfully Updated The Photo On Your Iqama, Bringing It In Line With Your Current Appearance. Keeping Your Identification Documents Up To Date Is Essential For Various Reasons, And This Process Ensures That Your Iqama Accurately Reflects Your Present Self. If You Encounter Any Challenges During The Process, Don't Hesitate To Seek Assistance From The Jawazat Officers Or Consult The Official Guidelines On Their Website. Stay Compliant And Enjoy The Peace Of Mind That Comes With An Updated And Accurate Iqama.

      In How Many Days Can house Driver Iqama Be Renewed?

       Renewing Your HouseWorker's Resident ID

      As An Employer Of A Domestic Worker In Saudi Arabia, Ensuring Their Residency Status Remains Valid Is Crucial For Both Legal Compliance And Ensuring Your Worker's Well-being. The Resident Identity Card (Iqama) For Domestic Workers (house workers) Serves As Their Official Identification Document And Allows Them To Live And Work In The Country. Understanding The Renewal Process Is Essential To Avoid Any Disruptions Or Inconveniences.

      • Eligibility For Renewal.

      The Resident Identity For Domestic Workers Can Be Renewed If Its Validity Period Is Less Than 14 Months. This Means That You Can't The Renewal Process Up To 14 Months Before The Iqama's Expiration Date. Early Renewal Is Advisable To Avoid Any Last-minute Rush And Potential Penalties For Late Renewal.

      • Renewal Process.

      The Renewal Process For Domestic Workers' Iqamas Can Be Completed Through The Absher Platform, A Government-run Online Portal That Facilitates Various Services For Citizens And Residents. To Initiate The Renewal, You Will Need To Follow These Steps:

      • Access The Absher Platform Using Your Credentials.

      saudi house driver iqama renewal

      • Select The "Electronic services" Option From The Main Menu.

      • Choose "Workers" From The List Of Options.

      saudi iqama renewal online.

      • Select "Renewal Iqama" From The Available Services.

      house driver iqama renewal saudi arabia

      • Pay The Required Fees For Renewal And Any Applicable Penalties For Late Renewal, If Any. For One Year 600, and For Two Years 1200, If Your Iqama Expired the First Time 500, Second time or more Extra You Need To Pay 1000.

      • Read The Service Instructions Carefully And Proceed To The Next Step.

      • Choose The Domestic Worker Whose Iqama You Want To Renew.

      • Select The Renewal Period And Confirm The Accuracy Of The Entered Information.

      • Click "Renew Iqama" To Proceed With The Payment.

      Once The Payment Is Complete, The Renewed Iqama Will Be Delivered To Your Registered Address. You Can Pay 17.50 for your National Address For Delivery.

      Additional Considerations.

      Before Initiating The Renewal Process, Ensure That The Domestic Worker's Passport Is Valid And That They Are Physically Present In Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Verify That The Worker Has Not Been Reported As Absent From Work.
      By Following These Guidelines And Adhering To The Renewal Timelines, You Can Ensure That Your Domestic Worker's Residency Status Remains Valid, Allowing Them To Continue Working Legally And Residing In Saudi Arabia Without Any Disruptions.

      Did not download digital Iqama on mobile? The Digital Iqama Advantage For Expatriates

       The Digital Iqama Advantage For Expatriates.

      digital iqama saudi arabia

      Expatriates Working In Saudi Arabia And Their Dependents Are Advised To Download Digital Iqama To Their Mobile. Unfortunately, This Can Help Avoid Huge Fines When Iqama Is Not In Hand.

      Digital Iqama Can Be Downloaded From Abshir As Well As The Tawakalna App Which Has Now Been Updated As A National App With More Services.

      If For Any Reason The Iqama Is Not Kept In The Wallet Then The Digital ID Can Be Shown Before The Checking Officials. In This Way, The Penalty For Not Having Iqama Can Be Avoided. Don't Forget That Every Province In Saudi Has Regular Inspections.

      • Abshir - Your Gateway To Digital Iqama.
      • To Download Digital Iqama From Abshar, After Logging In, Click On The Three Dots On The Top Right Side And Reach The Dashboard. Digital Iqama Can Be Viewed By Clicking View Documents In Digital Documents. Then You Will Get The Option To Download To Mobile.

        Digital Iqama Of Dependent Family Members Can Also Be Seen In View Document. These Can Also Be Downloaded.

        • Tawakalna App - A National Hub For Digital Iqama:

        Digital Iqama can be obtained from the Tawakalna app. The Tavakalna app can be downloaded from Google Playstore and App Store. After logging in with Abshir ID and password, you can click on the digital document. Then click on Iqama ID. Click on Family Members to view the digital Iqama of dependents.

        Digital Iqama can be downloaded from the Abshir Individual App. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

        You can log in to the app using Abshir's username and password. Then click on My Services. Then select digital cards. After entering the active digital card, select Resident ID.

        Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia and their dependents are advised to download Digital Iqama to their mobile. Unfortunately, this can help avoid huge fines when Iqama is not in hand.

        Digital Iqama can be downloaded from Abshir as well as the Tawakalna app which has now been updated as a national app with more services.


        Loss Your Iqama and Licenses How to get a new one Saudi Arabia.

        Your Iqama Or License, Istimara Is Lost What Do?

        Losing essential documents like Iqama, Istimara, and a driving license can be a stressful ordeal, but fear not – the digital era in Saudi Arabia has streamlined the process through the Abshir online platform. Let's explore the step-by-step procedures to obtain these vital documents when faced with the unfortunate circumstance of misplacing them.

        lost iqama saudi arabia

        Iqama Replacement:

        • Report the Loss:

        First, report the loss of your Iqama to the local police station or Jawazat office where it went missing. This crucial step sets the groundwork for the replacement process.

        • Fine Payment:

        Prepare to pay a fine of one thousand Riyals for a duplicate Iqama. This can be conveniently settled through the Sadad system at your nearest bank Or ATM, Online Bank Payment.

        how to get lost iqama saudi arabia

        Fines For Lost Iqama Replacement :(source moi ksa)

        • 1000 S.R. First Time.

        • 2000 S.R. second Time.

        • 3000 S.R. third Time.

        • Apply For Iqama Via Abshir or Sponsor's Muqeem:

        Apply for a duplicate Iqama through the sponsor's Abshir online platform or your sponsor's Muqeem. The process can be initiated by your sponsor once the fine is paid and the loss is reported.

        • Digital Iqama:

        Embrace the digital era! The digital Iqama available on your Abshir account is not only acceptable for official purposes but is also a practical alternative to the physical card.

        • Take an Appointment via Absher.
        Login to Your Absher And Make An appointment date And Time go To The Jawasat Office.

        License and Istimara Replacement:

        • Direct Abshir Application:

        For lost licenses and Istimara, apply directly through your Abshir account. The ease of online processing For Document Replacement.

        • Fine Payment:

        A fine of 100 Riyals is applicable for obtaining a duplicate Istimara and driving license. Similar to the Iqama process, ensure fines related to any motor vehicle violations are settled through the Sadad system.

        • Abshir Digital Copies:

        Much like the digital Iqama, the replacement license, and Istimara can be digitally obtained through Abshir. This not only expedites the process but also offers a convenient and acceptable solution for official use.

        • Clear Outstanding Fines:

        Before applying for a duplicate license or Istimara, settle any outstanding fines related to motor vehicle violations. This is a prerequisite for obtaining the replacement documents.

        • Take an Appointment via Absher.

        Login to Your Absher And Make An appointment date And Time go To The Traffic Department Office.

        In the evolving landscape of Saudi Arabia, the digitalization of administrative processes, especially through Abshir, has turned what could be a cumbersome task into a streamlined and efficient experience. So, fear not the loss of your Iqama and licenses – with the right steps and a few clicks, you can navigate the digital odyssey and have your essential documents back in your virtual and physical wallets. 

        Over One And A Half Million Saudis Have Working Private Sector For More Than 20 years.

         "Saudis In The Private Sector: A Decades-long Journey Of Employment Stability"

        saudi citizen jobs

        In A Recent Report By The National Labor Observatory, A Remarkable Trend Has Been Unveiled - Over One And A Half Million Saudis Have Steadfastly Contributed To The Private Sector For More Than Two Decades. This Groundbreaking Statistic Not Only Underscores The Enduring Commitment Of The Saudi Workforce But Also Sheds Light On The Evolving Landscape Of Employment Stability In The Country.

        Diving Into The Numbers, The Report Reveals A Diverse Spectrum Of Experience Within The Private Sector. With More Than 123,000 Saudi Employees Having Dedicated Over Two Decades To Their Roles, And An Additional 164,000 Individuals Boasting 15 To 20 Years Of Experience, It Becomes Evident That Longevity Is A Common Theme Among The Saudi Workforce. Furthermore, The Private Sector Has Seen Consistent Contributions From 380,000 Professionals With 10 To 15 Years Of Experience, 714,000 Saudis With Five To 10 Years, And 377,000 Natives With Three To Five Years, Alongside A Robust Influx Of More Than 611,000 Individuals With One To Three Years In The Sector.

        The Resilience Of The Private Sector Is Not Only Reflected In The Tenure Of Its Employees But Also In Its Continuous Growth. Over 134,000 Individuals Have Embraced Private Sector Employment In Less Than A Year, Showcasing A Dynamic And Appealing Job Market.

        A Key Factor Contributing To This Sustained Employment Stability Is The Successful Implementation Of Initiatives Aimed At Supporting Indigenous Employees. The Private Sector Has Been Proactive In Providing Incentives, Allowances, And Comprehensive Job Training To Saudi Workers, Fostering An Environment Conducive To Long-term Employment. The Government's Unwavering Support And The Execution Of Saudization Projects Have Played A Pivotal Role In Fortifying Job Stability Across The Board.

        The Report Emphasizes That These Efforts Have Not Been In Vain, With Employment Stability Experiencing A Significant Uptick Across All Age Groups Of Saudi Employees. This Positive Trajectory Not Only Highlights The Adaptability Of The Private Sector But Also Signifies A Broader Shift In The Employment Landscape Of The Country.

        In Conclusion, The National Labor Observatory's Report Paints A Vivid Picture Of Saudi Arabia's Private Sector As A Bastion Of Stability And Growth. The Symbiotic Relationship Between The Private Sector, Government Initiatives, And The Dedicated Saudi Workforce Serves As A Beacon For Other Nations Looking To Fortify Their Employment Landscapes.

        How To Find Or Check Your Vat Number In Saudi Arabia.

         How To Discover Your VAT Number In Saudi Arabia.



        Value Added Tax (VAT) Is A Significant Component Of The Global Tax Landscape, And Saudi Arabia Is No Exception. Locating Your Vat Number In The Kingdom Might Seem Like A Daunting Task, But Fear Not. In This Guide, We'll Explore A Straightforward Method To Find Your VAT number Using Your Commercial Registration (Cr) Number.

        This Blog helps you find your VAT number and Business name, VAT registration status, and VAT account number.

        Step 1: Access The Zatca Portal.

        vat registation saudi arabia.

        Step 2: Choose "Commercial Registration Number"

        • On The Zatca Portal, Select "Commercial Registration Number" As The Type Of Identification You'll Be Using To Uncover Your VAT details. This Ensures That You Are On The Right Track To Obtaining The Information You Seek.

        saudi vat registration saudi.

        Step 3: Enter Your Commercial Registration Number.

        • Input Your Commercial Registration Number Along With The Provided Photo Code. This Is A Crucial Step, As Accuracy Is Key To Unlocking The Doors To Your Vat Information.

        how to check vat saudi

        Step 4: Check the Terms And Conditions, Then Submit.

        • Before Proceeding, Make Sure To Read And Agree To The Terms And Conditions, by clicking the "Send" Button. To  The Search Process, Bringing You One Step Closer To Your Vat Enlightenment.

        كيفية البحث عن رقم ضريبة

        Step 5: Explore The Results.

        • Upon Submission, The Portal Will Generate A Page Displaying Essential Information About The Business Associated With The Provided Commercial Registration Number. Look For Details Such As The Business Name, Vat Registration Status, And Most Importantly, Your Vat Account Number.



        In Conclusion, Discovering Your Vat Number In Saudi Arabia Is A Manageable Task When Armed With The Right Information And Tools. By Leveraging The Zatca Portal And Following The Outlined Steps, You Can Swiftly Unveil The Mysteries Of Your Vat Details, Ensuring Compliance And Clarity In The World Of Taxation. Streamline Your Vat Journey By Using This Guide As Your Compass Through The Complexities Of Saudi Arabia's Tax Landscape.

        How To Renew Saudi Driving License Via Absher Saudi Arabia 2024.

        "Renew Your Saudi Arabian Driver's License: A Guide To Online Renewal Services"


        Renewing Your Driver's License Is A Simple Thing In Saudi Arabia, Ensuring That You Stay Legally On The Road And Up To Date With The Latest Regulations. In An Era Of Digital Convenience, The Saudi Government Has Introduced A User-friendly Electronic Service That Allows You To Renew Your Driver's License Online. In This Blog Post, We Will Walk You Through The Steps Required To Renew Your Private And Motorcycle Driving Licenses Electronically, Saving You Time And Effort.

        The Convenience Of Online Renewal.

        Gone Are The Days Of Waiting In Long Queues Or Visiting Various Government Offices To Renew Your Driver's License. The Online Renewal Service Streamlines The Process And Brings It To Your Fingertips, Making It Easier And More Convenient Than Ever Before.

        1. Private Driving And  Motorcycle License.

        You Can Renew Both Your Private Driving License And Your Motorcycle License Through This Online Platform. Whether You Have A Sedan Or A Bike, The Process Is Equally Accessible.

        2. Ten-year Motorcycle License Renewal.

        Motorcycle Enthusiasts Will Be Pleased To Know That You Can Renew Your Motorcycle License For Ten Years, Saving You The Hassle Of More Frequent Renewals.

        3. Fee Payment.

        The Service Allows You To Make The Required Payments For License Renewal And Any Associated Fees Online, Eliminating The Need For In-person Transactions.

        4. Payment Of Traffic Violations.

        You Can Conveniently Settle Any Pending Traffic Violations Along With Your License Renewal, Ensuring That Your Record Remains Clean.

        5. Validity Requirement.

        Your Driving License Is Expired You Need To Pay 100 sr For Per Year.

        6. Medical Examination.

        One Of The Essential Aspects Of License Renewal Is The Medical Examination. This Online Service Allows You To Book A Medical Examination At One Of The Accredited Medical Centers, Ensuring That You Meet The Health Requirements For Safe Driving.

        How To Renew Your License Online

        To Renew Driving License Service, Follow These Steps:

        renew saudi driving license

        • Navigate To "My Services > Services > Traffic > Driving License Renewal."

        saudi driving license renewal

        • Click To The Next Button.

        saudi driving license renewal

        • Select The Type Of License You Want To Renew (Private )
        • Choose Driving Lisence Renewal Period.
        • Click To The Next Button.

        saudi driving lisence saudi arabia

        • Next Page You Can See Your Request Details Terms And Contiotions .
        • Click To Accept Terms And Contitions Click Conform Button.
        • Now Your Driving License Renewed Successfully.


        • Your Existing Driving License Should Have A Validity Of Less Than 180 Days.
        • Provide Your National Address For The Delivery Of Your Renewed License.

        Fees For Renewal Driving License.

        The Renewal Fee For A Private Driving License Can Vary Based On The Validity Period. For Example, Renewing A Private Driving License For Ten Years Cost Is Sar 400, While Renewing For Five Years Cost Is Sar 200.



        Renewing Your Driver's License In Saudi Arabia Has Never Been Easier. With The Introduction Of This User-friendly Electronic Service, You Can Renew Your Private And Motorcycle Licenses, Pay Fees, Clear Traffic Violations, And Book A Medical Examination All From The Comfort Of Your Home. Say Goodbye To Long Lines And Multiple Office Visits – Embrace The Convenience Of Online Renewal And Stay On The Road Legally And Safely.

        How To Cancell Housedriver Huroob Via Absher 2024.

        How to Cancel a House Driver Hurub, Via Absher.

        If You Issued Private Driver Has Escaped (hurub), You May Be Wondering How To Cancel The Escape Report. The Process Is Actually Quite Simple And Can Be Done Online Through The Absher Electronic Platform.
        Here are the steps on how to cancel a private driver (Hurub)escape report:
        • Log in to the Absher electronic platform. You can do this by visiting the Absher website and entering your username and password.
        how to cancell house driver hurub

        • Click on "My Services". This will take you to a list of all the services that you can access through Absher.


        cancell house driver hurub saudi arabia

        • Click on "My Services". This will take you to a list of all the "Services" Select "Passports" that you can access through Absher.
        cancell hurub status 2024

        • Select "Tawasul". This will open a list of all the messages and requests that you have sent or received through Absher.

        hurub cancell saudi arabia 2024

        • Click on "New Request". This will open a form that you will need to fill out.

        hurub cancelling saudi

        • Select the "Report" Option On The First Box And The Second Box Select the "Absence From Work Reporting for Domestic Workers" Option.

        hurub cancell house driver

        • Type Into The Request Description Box" I Want to Cancel The Escape Report Of The Worker "NAME" Iqama Number"2955221232" Because He Has Returned To Work And Now He Is Working For Me"

        • Attach proof that the service cannot be implemented online through Absher.
        cancell hurub exit saudi arabia

        • Click "Submit" to complete the process.

        Once you have submitted the form, the Absher platform will review your request and notify you of the result. If your request is approved, the escape report will be canceled.

        Conditions for canceling a private driver Escape report.

        There are a few conditions that must be met in order to cancel a private driver escape report. These conditions are:
        • The duration of the private driver's absence must have exceeded fifteen days.
        • The driver must still be registered at his workplace and not dismissed.
        • There is no lawsuit or misdemeanor against the employer who cancels the report.
        • The driver must have a valid driver's license.
        • The required papers related to the escape report must be attached.



        Canceling a private driver escape report is a relatively simple process that can be done online through the Absher electronic platform. If you have any questions about the process, you can contact the Ministry of Interior for more information.
        I hope this blog post has been helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.