Madinah has the largest number of shopping centers in the country


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Annual sales of food products in Saudi Arabia will grow by 4.1 percent and reach a turnover of 166 billion riyals by 2025, according to the Saudi Investing Index. 

Madinah has the largest number of shopping centers in the country. Although the holy city and social structure are very similar to Mecca, Medina has 32 percent more shopping centers than Mecca.

 The holy cities of Makkah and Madinah are witnessing a huge boom in the retail sector. The figures show that the reason behind this is the presence of culturally, socially, and economically diverse people in both cities and the influx of pilgrims.

Although most of the Haj and Umrah pilgrims consume food as per the packages they book, the eateries of both cities are thronged by Hajis. The figures show that some people's view of shopping in holy cities is encouraging pilgrims to buy even products with international trademarks.

Saudi Arabia is the country that gives the highest salary to expatriates.

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  Riyadh: Saudi Arabia is once again the country offering expatriates the highest salary. An international consultancy MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey (MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey) conducted a survey on expatriate working conditions and found Saudi Arabia to be the country with the highest salaries in the middle east in the world. The survey shows that Saudi Arabia has emerged again as the ultimate destination for expats looking for better benefits.


The survey said that an expatriate middle manager in the country earns an average salary of £83,763  per year, which is £20,513 more than in the UK. Despite a three percent decrease compared to the previous year, Saudi Arabia still has the highest wages. Although it didn't top the overall rankings, the survey says expat salaries in the Middle East are incredibly generous and people want to relocate. Combined with the absence of personal tax, the overall package is good and costs are affordable, Oliver Brown, manager of remuneration and policy surveys at ECA International, said in a statement posted on the consultancy firm's website.