Javasat says there are five conditions to issue hurub

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 The Javasat Directorate said there are five conditions for issuing hurub domestic workers, including house drivers. Iqama must be valid. only one time issuing hurub one expats. hurub can cancell within 15 days via Abshir. Huroob cannot be cancell after 15 days. The expat with hurub then be deported through Tarheel. They cannot return to Saudi Arabia.

Can change old license in new visa iqama ID, the Saudi Traffic Authority replied

Can the old license be changed to the new ID, the Saudi Traffic Authority replied

 The Saudi Traffic Department says that if you go home country after the final exit and return with a new visa, you will not have to take your driving license again. All they have to do is approach the traffic department through any of the driving schools and apply for a license under the new iqama number. The Traffic Department responded on Twitter to a question from a foreigner who returned home with a new visa two years ago at the final exit. His question was whether his old license was still valid and whether he should go back to driving school and get a new license.

Free car parking in Jeddah MunicipalityToday For National Day Celebration


Free car parking in Jeddah on National Day

Free parking will be available in all parking areas within the Jeddah Municipality, officials said.

Parking spaces are being allotted in collaboration with the National Parking Company, Maukhif, on the occasion of the 91st National Day.

The free parking offer will be available until 11.59pm on Thursday, the municipality said.

On the occasion of the 91st National Day, various institutions across the country have come up with a number of different and attractive offers.

The Saudi trip is getting ready again at minimal cost; Bahrain begins issuing e-visas

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Bahrain has started issuing e-visas to Indians, providing relief to Saudi expats.

With this, Bahrain will become a low cost destination for expatriates returning to Saudi Arabia.

It may be even more comforting to be able to take the causeway from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

With the issuance of Bahrain e-visa, many travel agencies have come up with attractive packages.

The hotel, which is approved by the Bahrain National Health Authority, offers packages including a 14 - day quarantine, according to travel agencies.

Apart from Bahrain, travel agencies also offer affordable travel packages through Oman.

There are also packages to Saudi Arabia via Sri Lanka, Qatar, Serbia, Tanzania and the Maldives.

How do you know if there is an exam currently in your iqama profession?


An iqama holder can find out if there is an exam in their iqama profession. SVP (Professional Verification) The Qiva website allows you to check if you are currently eligible for the test under the Saudi Professional Verification Program. To do so open the website:

Enter your iqama number and click on the "Check" button.

If No Data Available, you will need to test under the Saudi Professional Verification Program, but be aware that this is not currently the case.

The re-entry visas of Saudi expatriates stranded at home have been renewed until September 30

The re-entry visas of Saudi expatriates stranded at home have been renewed until September 30

 Re-entry visas will also be renewed free of charge until September 30, to provide relief to expatriates stranded in Saudi Arabia.

Expatriate friends told  that when they checked the re-entry period today, they could see that the re-entry visa had been renewed till  September 30.

In the last few days, the iqama period of many expatriates has been renewed till September 30.

The free renewal will be of great relief to many expatriates whose Iqamah re-entry periods are coming to an end.

At the same time, there are many expatriates in the country who have not yet renewed their iqama and re-entry.

Many are hoping to move to Saudi Arabia soon if their terms are renewed in the coming days.

You can use the link to check the Iqama period from home and the link to check the validity of the re-entry visa.