My family Members Exit Re-entry has expired. Can they be brought on a visiting visa now?

Bringing Family Members Back To Saudi Arabia On A Visiting Visa:

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If Your Family Members Have Traveled To Their Home Country On An Exit Re-entry Visa That Has Now Expired, You May Be Wondering How To Bring Them Back To Saudi Arabia, Especially If Their Residency Permits (Iqama) Are Still Valid. In This Guide, We'll Walk You Through The Steps To Bring Your Family Back On A Visiting Visa.

Step 1: Check Iqama Status.

Before Proceeding, Ensure That The Residency Permits (Iqama) Of Your Family Members Are Still Valid And Have Not Expired. If The Iqama Period Has Not Expired, You Can Proceed To Cancel Their Iqama Status Through The Tawasul Service In Abshir.

Step 2: Cancel Iqama Status.

To Cancel The Iqama Status, Log In To The Abshir Portal And Navigate To The Tawasul Service. Submit A Request To Cancel The Iqama Status Of Your Family Members Who Are Currently Outside The Country. Once The Request Is Processed And Approved, Their Iqama Status Will Be Canceled.

Step 3: Apply For Visiting Visa.

After Canceling The Iqama Status, You Can Proceed To Apply For A Visiting Visa For Your Family Members. If Their Names Are Already Registered In The Abshir System, You Can Apply For The Visiting Visa Through The Same Portal.

Step 4: Obtain a Visiting Visa.

Once The Visiting Visa Application Is Submitted, It Will Be Processed By The Relevant Authorities. Upon Approval, Your Family Members Will Be Issued A Visiting Visa, Allowing Them To Return To Saudi Arabia For A Specified Period.

Step 5: Travel Arrangements.

Coordinate With Your Family Members To Make Travel Arrangements And Ensure They Have All Necessary Documentation For Their Trip Back To Saudi Arabia. This May Include A Valid Passport, Visa Documents, And Any Other Required Paperwork.

Step 6: Welcome Them Back.

Once Your Family Members Arrive In Saudi Arabia On The Visiting Visa, Ensure That They Comply With All Visa Regulations And Enjoy Their Time With You. Visiting Visas Typically Have A Shorter Duration Compared To Residency Permits, So Plan Their Stay Accordingly.



Bringing Family Members Back To Saudi Arabia On A Visiting Visa After Their Exit Re-entry Visa Has Expired Is Possible, Provided Their Residency Permits (Iqama) Are Still Valid. By Following The Steps Outlined In This Guide, You Can Navigate The Process Smoothly And Reunite With Your Loved Ones In Saudi Arabia. Remember To Stay Informed About Visa Regulations And Requirements To Ensure A Hassle-free Experience For Your Family Members' Return.

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