Javasat offices in Saudi Arabia will also be open for the Eid holidays

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Riyadh - Saudi Javasat has announced that the offices of the Javasat Directorate will be open during the Eid holidays. Javasat will complete urgent cases that cannot be completed through the online service portal Abshir. This time government officials will be given 16 days of Eid-ul-Fitr leave. After the end of Dulhaj II (today) duty, the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday will begin for government employees. Dulhaj will resume duty on the 19th after the holiday. For private sector employees, Dulhaj is a nine- to twelve-day Eid-ul-Fitr holiday.

Eastern Province Javasat spokesman Colonel Mualla Al-Utaibi said such procedures could be completed through the Messages and Applications service on the Abshir portal if the message appears to be an impediment to completing any service from Javasat online. Go to the Abshir platform, select the Khidmati icon, select General Services and go to the Messages and Applications link.

Application for service from Javasat through this service should be submitted along with the relevant documents. With this the application will be completed and the reply will be received from Javasat. Procedures that cannot be completed directly online can be completed by submitting a separate application along with similar relevant documents. It is not necessary to approach the Javasat Directorate directly.

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