Saudization In The Field Of Accounting; The Minimum Salary Is 6000 Riyals

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 Riyadh: Saudi Minister Of Human Resources Engineer Ahmad Al Rajhi Has Announced His Decision To Saudiize The Accounting Sector.

Companies That Employ Five Or More Accountants Are Required To Carry Out 30 Percent Saudization.

The New Decision Will Allow More Than.9,800 Saudis To Work In The Accounting Sector.

The Minimum Wage For A Saudi With A Degree Is 6,000 Riyals And For A Saudi With A Diploma, A Minimum Of 4,500 Riyals.

Saudization Mainly Applies To The Professions Of Zakat And Tax Department Director, Financial Reporting Department Director, General Administration Of Auditing Director, Cost Accountant And Money Controller.

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