Did not download digital Iqama on mobile? The Digital Iqama Advantage For Expatriates

 The Digital Iqama Advantage For Expatriates.

digital iqama saudi arabia

Expatriates Working In Saudi Arabia And Their Dependents Are Advised To Download Digital Iqama To Their Mobile. Unfortunately, This Can Help Avoid Huge Fines When Iqama Is Not In Hand.

Digital Iqama Can Be Downloaded From Abshir As Well As The Tawakalna App Which Has Now Been Updated As A National App With More Services.

If For Any Reason The Iqama Is Not Kept In The Wallet Then The Digital ID Can Be Shown Before The Checking Officials. In This Way, The Penalty For Not Having Iqama Can Be Avoided. Don't Forget That Every Province In Saudi Has Regular Inspections.

  • Abshir - Your Gateway To Digital Iqama.
  • To Download Digital Iqama From Abshar, After Logging In, Click On The Three Dots On The Top Right Side And Reach The Dashboard. Digital Iqama Can Be Viewed By Clicking View Documents In Digital Documents. Then You Will Get The Option To Download To Mobile.

    Digital Iqama Of Dependent Family Members Can Also Be Seen In View Document. These Can Also Be Downloaded.

    • Tawakalna App - A National Hub For Digital Iqama:

    Digital Iqama can be obtained from the Tawakalna app. The Tavakalna app can be downloaded from Google Playstore and App Store. After logging in with Abshir ID and password, you can click on the digital document. Then click on Iqama ID. Click on Family Members to view the digital Iqama of dependents.

    Digital Iqama can be downloaded from the Abshir Individual App. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

    You can log in to the app using Abshir's username and password. Then click on My Services. Then select digital cards. After entering the active digital card, select Resident ID.

    Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia and their dependents are advised to download Digital Iqama to their mobile. Unfortunately, this can help avoid huge fines when Iqama is not in hand.

    Digital Iqama can be downloaded from Abshir as well as the Tawakalna app which has now been updated as a national app with more services.


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