Loss Your Iqama and Licenses How to get a new one Saudi Arabia.

Your Iqama Or License, Istimara Is Lost What Do?

Losing essential documents like Iqama, Istimara, and a driving license can be a stressful ordeal, but fear not – the digital era in Saudi Arabia has streamlined the process through the Abshir online platform. Let's explore the step-by-step procedures to obtain these vital documents when faced with the unfortunate circumstance of misplacing them.

lost iqama saudi arabia

Iqama Replacement:

  • Report the Loss:

First, report the loss of your Iqama to the local police station or Jawazat office where it went missing. This crucial step sets the groundwork for the replacement process.

  • Fine Payment:

Prepare to pay a fine of one thousand Riyals for a duplicate Iqama. This can be conveniently settled through the Sadad system at your nearest bank Or ATM, Online Bank Payment.

how to get lost iqama saudi arabia

Fines For Lost Iqama Replacement :(source moi ksa)

• 1000 S.R. First Time.

• 2000 S.R. second Time.

• 3000 S.R. third Time.

  • Apply For Iqama Via Abshir or Sponsor's Muqeem:

Apply for a duplicate Iqama through the sponsor's Abshir online platform or your sponsor's Muqeem. The process can be initiated by your sponsor once the fine is paid and the loss is reported.

  • Digital Iqama:

Embrace the digital era! The digital Iqama available on your Abshir account is not only acceptable for official purposes but is also a practical alternative to the physical card.

  • Take an Appointment via Absher.
Login to Your Absher And Make An appointment date And Time go To The Jawasat Office.

License and Istimara Replacement:

  • Direct Abshir Application:

For lost licenses and Istimara, apply directly through your Abshir account. The ease of online processing For Document Replacement.

  • Fine Payment:

A fine of 100 Riyals is applicable for obtaining a duplicate Istimara and driving license. Similar to the Iqama process, ensure fines related to any motor vehicle violations are settled through the Sadad system.

  • Abshir Digital Copies:

Much like the digital Iqama, the replacement license, and Istimara can be digitally obtained through Abshir. This not only expedites the process but also offers a convenient and acceptable solution for official use.

  • Clear Outstanding Fines:

Before applying for a duplicate license or Istimara, settle any outstanding fines related to motor vehicle violations. This is a prerequisite for obtaining the replacement documents.

  • Take an Appointment via Absher.

Login to Your Absher And Make An appointment date And Time go To The Traffic Department Office.

In the evolving landscape of Saudi Arabia, the digitalization of administrative processes, especially through Abshir, has turned what could be a cumbersome task into a streamlined and efficient experience. So, fear not the loss of your Iqama and licenses – with the right steps and a few clicks, you can navigate the digital odyssey and have your essential documents back in your virtual and physical wallets. 

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