How To change the photo on Iqama Saudi Arabia ?


how to change your photo on iqama

The General Directorate Of Passports Has Set The Conditions For Changing The Residence Permit Photo For Residents.

She Said That The Conditions Include That The Passport Must Be Valid, The Personal Photo In The Passport Must Be Recent, And The Head Must Be Uncovered.

The Passports Department Responded To A Question Regarding The Possibility Of Changing The Residence Copy, And Whether Or Not The Employer Is Required To Be Present At The Passport Department.

The Passport Department Added That The Procedure Is Done By Booking An Appointment And Visiting The Passport Department.

"How To Update Your Iqama Photo: A Step-by-step Guide"

change photo in iqama


If Your Iqama Photo Is A Decade Old And You're Looking To Give It A Fresh Update, You've Come To The Right Place. Follow This Step-by-step Guide To Seamlessly Replace The Outdated Photo On Your Iqama With A Recent One. The Process Involves Renewing Your Passport, Scheduling An Appointment With Jawazat, And Completing The Necessary Procedures. Let's Dive Into The Details.

change photo in iqama

Step 1: Schedule An Appointment With Jawazat.

To Initiate The Process Of Changing The Photo On Your Iqama, You'll Need To Schedule An Appointment With Jawazat. Visit The Official Website Or Contact The Jawazat Office To Secure A Date And Time That Suits You. Make Sure To Gather All The Required Documents Before Your Appointment To Streamline The Procedure.

Step 2: Visit Jawazat With Your New Passport.

On The Day Of Your Appointment, Head To The Jawazat Office With Your Newly Renewed Passport And Any Other Necessary Documents. The Jawazat Officer Will Guide You Through The Process Of Updating The Photo On Your Iqama. Be Prepared To Provide Biometric Data If Required And Answer Any Questions Related To Your Identity.

change photo in iqama

Step 3: Complete Procedures For Photo Change.

Once At The Jawazat Office, You'll Undergo The Necessary Procedures To Change The Outdated Photo On Your Iqama. The Officers Will Verify Your Identity, Update Their Records, And Capture A New Photo To Be Printed On Your Iqama. Pay Any Associated Fees If Required And Make Sure To Retain The Receipt For Your Records.

The Absher Platform Provides Residents Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia With The Service Of Changing The Personal Photo In The Saudi Residency Electronically By Following The Following Steps:

  • You Log In To The Official Website Of The Absher Electronic Platform.
  • After That, Log In To Your Account On The Platform By Entering Your Username Or ID Number And Password.
  • After That, Enter The Verification Code That Is Sent To Your Mobile Phone.
  • Click On Passport Service, Then Click On Update Passport Data.
  • After That, Select The Request Type.
  • You Enter The New Profile Picture You Wish To Update.
  • Click Save And Then Click Confirm.


Congratulations! You've Successfully Updated The Photo On Your Iqama, Bringing It In Line With Your Current Appearance. Keeping Your Identification Documents Up To Date Is Essential For Various Reasons, And This Process Ensures That Your Iqama Accurately Reflects Your Present Self. If You Encounter Any Challenges During The Process, Don't Hesitate To Seek Assistance From The Jawazat Officers Or Consult The Official Guidelines On Their Website. Stay Compliant And Enjoy The Peace Of Mind That Comes With An Updated And Accurate Iqama.

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