Saudi citizen, has lost lots of money in an internet scam in the name of saudi post

Saudi citizen, has lost lots of money  in an internet scam in the name of saudi post


Naif al-Jawwini, a Saudi citizen, has lost a lot of money due to internet fraud. The Saudi citizen said that the scam started when he received an e-mail saying that the courier had arrived at the Saudi post. The incident took place on Sunday.

After clicking to verify the mail, a new window opens asking for the phone number, credit card and ID card numbers for courier delivery. Within minutes of giving this information, he was withdrawing money from his credit card several times.

The first 8,000 riyals, then 20,000 riyals and the third 15,000 riyals were withdrawn. He immediately contacted the bank and blocked the credit card. By then, most of the 50,000 riyals on the credit card had been withdrawn. An investigation into the location of the withdrawal revealed that the kiosk in Denmark was from the Bean A website. He was earlier caught red-handed during the delivery of goods he had ordered online from abroad. He responded to the mail with the assumption that it would be an actual e-mail related to courier delivery. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

He received an e-mail in Arabic with the emblem of the Saudi Post informing him that the courier had arrived. In a video posted on social media revealing the details of the scam, Naif al-Ja'wini urged everyone to be wary of such scams.

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  1. He himself is to be blame. Why should he give his ID and credit card details to someone he didn't know for a delivery he had not ordered?